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Last updated at Apr./24/2001

ColorClassic G3 appeared! Check HERE


Color Classic information

Color Classic spec sheet

Power up

Memory (DRAM & VRAM) exchange and extension

Hard disk drive exchange

FPU addition

Logic board exchange

Amazing power up

High resolution remodeling and VGA remodeling

VGA remodeling for Mystic

Additional power supply by Mr. Matsuura

Power indcator replacement to blue one

PPC 603 acceleration

G3! acceleration

Dangerous power up

Enlargement of display area after high resolution remodeling


FAQs about Color Classic tune up

Super Color Classics

Power Mystic

Color Classic 040 with CD

Power Color Classic 300MHz

Power Color Classic G3


Duo Dress up!
Duo Dock repairing
Duo keytouch improvement
My handicraft

My Cars etc.
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