Memory expansion

The Memory expansion is the most basic enhancement of your Color Classic. Let's expand your Color Classics' memory capacity as much as you can, since memory SIMM's become more affordable today.
There are 4 MB of memory on the logic board. Two additional SIMM sockets are expanded with a pair of 30 pin SIMM's. But Color Classic recognize only 10 MB even if 4 MB SIMMs are used. It is limited by the specification of Color Classic itself.

ColorClassic2 ,Performa275 and LC575 logic board
There are 4 MB of on-board memory. These logic boards recognize a 72 pin SIMM of 4, 8, 16 and 32 MB.

Since the number of SIMM slots are limited in Color Classics, you'd better to buy a SIMM of the largest size you can buy.
The memory expansion is the easiest way among the reinforcement.

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Upper : 256KB VRAM (68pin)
centre : 1MB SIMM (30pin, ColorClassic)
lower : 16MB SIMM (72pin, ColorClassic, Performa275 & MYSTIC)

Select suitable memories for your board and requirement.

Rear view of Color Classic

Put off all cables, and loosen screws if a back panel is screwed.

Put off the back panel with pushing down the two notches.

Pull out the logic board. It is fixed by an inner connector only.

The picture shows a logic board of Color Classic 2 with an accelerator.

A logic board of Color Classic is shown on the left, one of Color Classic 2 or Performa 275 on the right.

All logic boards have SIMM socket(s) at the left side. Color Classic has two sockets. VRAM sockets locate to the right of main memory SIMM socket(s).

How to install memory SIMM's.

You can install both D-RAM SIMM's and VRAM SIMM's with the same manner. Now, I will show how to install a 72 pin D-RAM SIMM. SIMM's cannot be inserted to the wrong direction.

Memory SIMM is inserted on the slant.

Pull the upper edge of the SIMM upward taking care of the metal fittings at the both ends of the slot.

Finished. Make sure the SIMM is fixed tightly.