FAQs about Color Classic

Q: I broke and then lost RS5, so I replaced it with a 0 Ohm resistor. RS5 was marked "OOO" and all other components like it on the board give 0.00 Ohm resistance. Was that the correct replacement?
A: You are right. "000" means 0.0 ohm.

Q: Can I use the CC2 logic board directly in my CC1? (without changes on my existing hardware).
A: Yes you can. You need no changes. But CC2 needs 72 pin main memory.

Q: My old Mac classic works perfectly and I like it's shape, I wonder if you have heard of a logic board upgrade to power pc, is it possible for this mac?
A: Classic and Color Classic has different shape of logic board, and it is difficult to exchange Classic's logic board to PPC logic board. Some people installed PM6300 logic board, but it needs other 9" gray scale monitor, PM6300, and high skill level.

Q: I am trying 640x480 display modification for the Color Classic. I cannot find J78 or J79 on the back of the analog board. I do have RS5 and empty RS6 in the location shown on Figure 15. Should I move RS5 to RS6?
A: Your CC has another bersion of analog board. Please cut No.20 pin at the connector to logic board (BD7), and connect this No.20 pin to P9 pin (at the side of BD7, 5V power supply) with 4700 ohm resister with insulation not to do the short cicuit.

Q: I could use a logic board of LC575 to upgrade my Color Classic. Here's my question. Is LC 580's logig board same to LC575 ?, or useble to replace and upgrade my Color Classic's logic board ?
A: LC580 (in Japan, it is sold as Performa588) has another logic bard from LC575. It is larger size and having differnt shape of cnnector. It is needed to re-model to install into CC, such as manufacturing inner frame, re-connection of innner flat cable and analog board manufacture. These method is very very dfficult.

Q: In regarding Color Classic, I was wondering does Apple Perfroma 630 use the LC575 motherboard, too? (I just vist a web-site, and I found the motherboard description of Performa 630 is exactly the same of LC575. see )
A: 630 and 575 have another logic board. If you want to use 630 lgic board, you need many remodelling in the Color Classic frame, flat cable connector and analg board. The method is just the same as PPC603 upgrade. The method will be appeared in our web page. Please wait for a while.

Q: Is it possible to buy a Color Classic II in Japan for a resonable price? If so, how much?
A: Second handed Color Classics are sold at some shops. The price is about 60,000 yen to 100,000 yen. It is about US$ 450-750.

Q: I just visit your Homepage and feel very excited becasue I am using Color Classic right now!! I was wondering do you know where/how I can find the LC 575 to replace it? And if I find LC575, is it simply put into the computer. Should I change some setting or even "operation"?? I would really appreaciate if you can reply my mail! Thank you for your consideration.
A: In Japan, we can buy LC575 in AKIHABARA TOKYO where the MECCA of electricity. There may be the MECCA like AKIHABARA in US, too. And you can replace it simply. There is no operation. But rear door must be remodelled because 575 board has different cnnector arrangement. It is simple to cut all ports straightly of the CC's door.

Q: Is there any SE/30 infomation available?
A: Yes. Please go to http://www1.harenet.ne.jp/~take-jun/PoweredSE30.html.

Q: Visiting the different sites about the Takky 603e, and trying to read and understand the mostley in japanese written texts, I'm wondering what the price of the 603e upgrade card for the beloved Colour Classic. So can you tell me what the price is and will it be available in Europe.
A: There is not the 603e upgrade card in the world. We tried to exchange the logic board to PPC Performa's one. It is longer and having other shape of connector. Therefore upgade needs frame manufacturing and re-connecting the flat cables from logic board to analog board. Analog board manfacturering is also needed. IO door remodelling is also needed.

Q: I want to upgrade my color classic. I have a PPC 6300/100Mhz brd and a 630/33Mhz. Can I use the 6300 brd? When I use the 630 brd, do I need the external power supply for the harddisk and fans?
A: You can use 580, 630, 62XX, 63XX, 64XX and 5XXX board. Additional power supply is not necessity basically. But if power lump of upgraded Color Classic blinks, it shows the lack of power supply.

Q: Where to get more info about the Matsuuma power supply?
A: It is shown at http://member.nifty.ne.jp/Kan-chan/powersupply.html. If you can't understand after reading this site, please give up to add the power suplly. It needs electrical understanding. AND, PPC603 upgrade needs more technique.

Q: I began looking into accellerator sites (Micromac and Sonnet) and would try the Sonnet Presto FPU. But before buying I would like to have you opinion on this upgrade in particular and if you have more hints I would appreciate.
A: I recommend to install LC575 logic board. In the market, there is less accellerator card for Color Classic. And CC's data bus is only 16 bit. It brings no merit to accellerate. Please reference logic board exchange page.

Q: Which 603 Board did You use in the Col-Classic ?
A: LC630, LC580, PM6XXX (except 6100), PF5XXX is possible.

Q: Are these (LC630, LC580, PM6XXX (except 6100), PF5XXX) original Apple-board ?
A: Yes.

Q: How difficult is the change of the boards (LC630, LC580, PM6XXX (except 6100), PF5XXX) ?
A: Electrical technique and plastic manufacturing are necessity.

Q: How many Megs can work an the new 603 board ?
A: We can use any sold Performa's logicboard. Maybe max. is 300MHz. But if new G3 card is leseased, ColorClassic will be accerelated.

Q: What did you think, how expensiv this is?
A: In Japan, PPC 603 upgrade is commercely performed. It costs about 100,000 yen to 200,000 yen. It is about US$ 800 to 1,600! Very expensive. If you have any interest, please ask to "Maxus tel.03-5296-0486 fax.03-5296-0486 http://maxuscomputer.com/"
We (CCSCC) are offering how to upgrade to PPC603 in this webpage. If you have self-confidence of plastic manufacturing and electric handicraft, please see here

Q: Will your web site tell how to fix the additional power supply?
A: Please reference these pages.
This extension power supply is directly connected from power SW. But you had better to cnnect with relay, and control this relay to turn on/off by HDD power spply cable from analog board connector. This extension power supply supplies electric power to HDD and extension cooling fan.

Q: Do you need to modify the power supply of a Color Classic to accommodate something like a PowerMac 5400 logic board?
A: Surely, PPC 603e on Alchemy logic board needs +3.3 V, 4A. Therefore, we use regurator to generate this electric power (3.3V, 4A) from +5 V of analog board.

Q: I have a color classic and I was wondering if you guys do any modification to the resolution and CPU upgrades. I am in the Navy stationed here in Okinawa. Do you know of any place where they can do the modifications for me? in Okinawa or mainland japan.
A: Many computer shop undertakes modification to the high-resolution. It is about 20000 yen or more. But you can learn how to modification at Mr.Takashi Imai's HOMEPAGE (http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/~t-imai). He deviced these method first in the world. He prohibits commercial use of these method, but many shops ignore these caution. It's disappointment! So I recommend to modification by your self. But if you can't, please ask these shops."Akiba Kan tel.03-3255-8188, fax. 03-3255-8775 http://www.akibakan.com/" "Radical Base tel.03-3470-4449 fax. 03-3470-0418" "Maxus tel.03-5296-0486 fax.03-5296-0486 http://maxuscomputer.com/"

Q: I am so excited! Please, if you have a mailing list in English about the updates and progress, please add me to it.
A: Sorry, but our group actions only on Japanese NIFTY SERVE FORUM. If you want to join us, please entry to join in CCSCC at FMACUS Lib.8 in Japanese.

Q: One more thought: The new PowerMac G3 motherboard is small - has anyone in your club tried putting that in a Color Classic yet?
A: Not the PowerMacG3 but we can put G3 card in CC. Please see here

Q: I tried to upgrade my Color Classic with a LC575 logic board, but I got "Bus Error" message. Is there something I didn't do?
A: If your Color Classic with a LC575 logic board is operated at System 7, you need system enabler 065 ver.1.1 (not 1.0 and 1.2). If your Color Classic is operated at System 7.5 or later, system error will happen. You need Hi-Resolution modify of the monitor(13"mode or VGA mode)
[Q] Can I use per. 5200 post to upgarge my colorclassic to PPC?
How can I do with pin assignment to per. 5200?
[A] Upgrade from CC or Mystic(CC575) to PPC-CC is shown in
But you may feel that PPC603/75 is very slowly than 575 logic board. PPC603/75 upgrade derives only the merit to use PPC aplication.
I think that, 68LC040 is more comfortable at Finder or old applications than PPC603/75.
If you want more performance in your Mystic(CC575), I advise to seek more powerful Performa's logicboard (like as 5260/100, 5280/120, 6260/100, 6310/100, 6300/120 and so on), or clock up the LC575 logic board from 33MHz to 40MHz. Please see at

[Q] Do you have problem using os8.5, I can not startup after I upgrade PowerColorClassic. I'm using 9.1GB hard disk(seagate 10000rpm) and adaptec powerdomain U2W scsi card with PowerColorClassic (Gazzele/300MHz).
[A] In the OS8.5, you need to update SCSI card driver soft to newest one.

[Q] I am going to purchase an LC575 logic board to upgrade my Color Classic. I read in your FAQ section (I may have misunderstood) that there may be some problems (system errors or bus errors) if you use anything other than system 7.1. I would like to install system 7.5.5 or 8.1 once I do the upgrade. Can I do this with no problems or do I have to do some adjustments or modifications?
[A] If you don't want to perform any physical modifications, you can use only Sys7.1 with system enabler 065 ver.1.1 (only ver.1.1). If you can't get that enabler, please see THE-END's web page
At there, he enables to use ver.1.2 in the Mystic (CC575).
If you want to install Sys7.5 or later, you must perform VGA modification or hi-resolution (13'mode) modification. Each modifications are physical one.
See Tak Imai's web page

[Q] I am going to purchase an LC575 logic board to upgrade my Color Classic. BUT I REALLY LIKE SYSTEM 7.5.5 AND WOULD HAVE A HARD TIME GOING BACK TO 7.1. I ALSO DONT THINK I WANT TO DO THE MODIFICATIONS TO THE SCREEN TO RUN 7.5.5.
[A] If you can use solder iron and paste, you have the good way.
Undersurface of "LC575 logic board".....
Removing tip shaped resister located on R116 (left side of RP9 tip:BI UK MADE) showing 000 (meaning 0 ohm).
Next...soldering a 4.7k-ohm resister on location number R109 (near the R116). 4.7k-ohm resister is showing "472". It means 47 x 10 x 10. If you can't get the resister, you can use 000 resister which you removed from R116 on there.
At last....check R110. If any resister is on the location, please remove. If there is no resister....it's OK.
You can use Sys7.5.x without monitor modifications and with 512x384 dots. If you want to use with Sys7.1 with this logic board, you need system enabler065. But you can use not only ver. 1.1 but also all version of enabler065.

[Q] I have had a hard time findinga LC575 logic board. At this site:
The writer says that:
"The LC 575 is essentially a Quadra 605 motherboard in an LC 520/550 case."
Is this true? If so, can a Quadra 605 motherboard be used in a ColorClassic as easily as a LC575 motherboard? I plan to replace the 68LC040 chip with a full 68040 when able.
Here is the site for the Quadra 605:
[A] Essentially, LC575 and Q605 may be the same. But Q605 is the same logic board with LC475. LC575 and LC475 logic board is physically different. LC575 logic board is only for LC575. Therefore you can't use Q605 and LC475 logic board.

[Q] Can you tell me how the wire connection that of remote control for TV/Video system ? I can't find a enough info to put this in my PowerColorClassic, even I have the remote.
[A] This is IR unit connection.
(For example, IR1-4 are open)
IR unit630 CONNECTORPushButtonBoard
--> PBB01
--> PBB02
--> PBB03
--> PBB04
IR05 <--
--> PBB10
IR07 <--
IR08 <--
--> PBB09
IR10 <--
IR11 <--
IR12 <--
IR13 <--
IR14 <--
IR15 <--
IR16 <--
IR17 <--
IR18 <--
IR19 <--
IR20 <--
IR21 <--
IR22 <--
IR23 <--
IR24 <--
IR25 <--
IR26 <--

This is Mr. Edward's question, but I can't send these answer.
Please tell me your mail adress, Mr. Edward.

[Q] I will be moving to the U.S. to work for a flying school in Hawaii. I really want to keep my Color Classic II but am wondering about the difference in AC power. America is usually 110-120 VAC. I noticed on the bottom of my computer's case that it says 100-240 VAC.
[A] You can use your CCII in the boltage from 100 to 240. It automatically adjust the supplying level. You only need to buy AC cable for PC suited in Hawaii.

[Q] Do you got any detail about how to makethe analog board stronger?
[A] I don't know how to reinforce the analog board. And the analog board has many custom transistors. We can't buy that even at AKIHABARA. LC575 has the same or upper interchangeable ones. Therefore LC575 analog board is useful. I think it is only the way to assistance CC's analog board to drive HDD and cooling fan by additional power supply.