UNIX Sysadmin Resources – Problem Resolution & Tracking

This content was originally created, collected, and maintained by Stokely Consulting.
As of May 2005, it is being hosted and maintained by Bill Bradford.

Free/Public-domain Tools:

Bugzilla is a very popular, freely available bug tracker to help track bugs and code changes, communicate among the team, submit and review patches and manage QA. Used by the Mozilla Foundation and under very active development. Lots of features.
GNU GNATS/PRMS is a freely available bug-tracking tool from the Free Software Foundation. Support by Redhat.
JitterBug receives bug reports via email or a web form. Authenticated users reply, move the bug to different categories, or add notes. It’s a single C program running as a CGI script. Created by the Samba team for their own bug tracking.
Keystone helps an IT department keep track of issues and tasks via a shared central resource. Uses a SQL database and accesses the data via a web browser. Free for 1-9 active users. Commercial license required for 10-100+ active users. From Stonekeep Consulting.
RT (Request Tracker) is a trouble ticketing system to help a systems administration team deal with a set of users and their problems. Based on email, SQL, has command line, mail and web-based interfaces. Written in perl 5 by Jesse Vincent.
wreq is a distributed request/problem tracking system with builtin knowledge database to help systems people handle requests and share knowledge among local support groups. Written in perl 5 with GDBM by Yunliang Yu.

Commercial Tools:

MPMM, Method123 Project Management Methodology, is a complete project management solution for Windows.
Intellisys project management software for Unix/Linux, Mac and Windows. We’ve used this under SuSE Linux and it works well. Imports Microsoft Project files, easy to use, and nicely priced.
CrimsonLink online bug/incident tracking software. Hosted, online, web browser-based. Email integration. Free 30 day trial.
PROJECT Insight is Web based project management software. Allows you to communicate all necessary details to your staff via the web, with this unique web based project management software.