Sun Resources

Official Sun Resources

Sun Microsystems, Inc. for Solaris operating environment updates
SunSolve, Sun’s support resources
BigAdmin – Sun’s resources for System Administrators
Sun Support Forums – Discussions @ Sun
Sun System Handbook – Online details and specs for Sun systems
Brand Essentials – Photographs of Sun hardware
Solaris OE Guide for New System Administrators
SunSITE – Sun Software/Information/Technology Exchange
SunEd Sun Eductional Services
Java Computing & Technology from Sun
Sun Developer Tools Support Matrix
Sun’s Open Source Program Office
Java.Net – Java Technology Collaboration
Liberty Alliance Project for Digital Identify
Open Media Commons for open-source digital rights management
SPARC International The “governing body” for the SPARC processor architecture.

Sun’s Solaris Operating Environment:

Sun SolarisUNIX operating environment for SPARC and x86
OpenSolaris, Sun’s effort to open-source the Solaris operating environment
Solaris Migration & Planning for moving from SunOS to Solaris
Sun Software Support (Access1 – much Solaris x86 info here)
Sun Blueprints Series – Best Practices and Solution Guides
Solaris Internals – companion site for the informative book

Unofficial Sun Resources:
Sun Bloggers – Weblogs by Sun Employees
Planet Sun – Java and Sun community news

JDSHelp – Java Desktop System resources

Documentation for Sun hardware and software:

Sun Hardware & Software Documentation – Complete Sun hardware and software documentation
Sun Microsystems Press Books

Developer Resources:
Sun Developer Network – Sun’s resource for developing on the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment.
Solaris Developer Center
The Sun Studio Portal – free Sun Studio compilers and development tools
SunSource – Sun’s free and open-source software efforts
AppCert – Sun’s Solaris ABI Checking Tool