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After years of helping people, a few rules have been established if you want to send in a question:

This web site and anything relating to it is a hobby I do “on the side” of my regular job.
I may not get to your question for a day or two if my “real job” is busy. There’s no need to send it multiple times if I don’t answer right away.

I am not associated with Sun Microsystems, Inc. in any way, shape, fashion, or form.
I do not work for Sun, and this is not an official Sun Microsystems web site. I am not official Sun Microsystems support.

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I’ve been using Sun equipment for fifteen years, but I am not responsible or at fault for any data loss, downtime, or inability to fix a problem.

I will not do your homework for you.
Too many people want me to do their Java programming, homework assignments, or fill out a survey because they cant do basic research.

Messages received in HTML or non-plaintext formats may be discarded.
I use a Mutt, a text-based program, to read email.

Rude demands for help will be deleted.
If you DEMAND an answer RIGHT AWAY, your question will be deleted. I’m more likely to send a prompt, accurate answer if you’re polite.