UNIX Serial Port Resources

This list of resources was created by Stokely Consulting, and moved to SunHELP in May 2005.
Please send updates, corrections, or additions to Bill Bradford.

You may also find the UNIX Sysadmin Resources page useful.

Tutorials on Solaris/SunOS Modems & Terminals
HTML and plain-text, other vital Sun serial port info

Console/Serial Port Switches, KVM & Software
Interconnect different serial devices to other devices. Console hardware and software switches.

FAX & Unix
Freeware, shareware, and commercial products

ISDN, DSL, and Modem Information
Resources, FAQs, Mailing Lists, Sun info, Vendors, Winmodems, Register Settings, support

Pagers with Unix Connections
General info, commercial, freeware, and shareware products

SLIP, PPP, and PPPoE FAQs, HOW-TOs, books, information, tools, public domain and commercial products

Serial Cards & Terminal Servers
Vendors with products for Unix systems and serial port programming examples

Sun Serial Ports & Cables Pinouts
Pinouts, vendors

Terminals, Emulators, and Communications Software
Video terminal, emulator, and communications software information