UNIX Sysadmin Resources – Mailing Lists

This content was originally created, collected, and maintained by Stokely Consulting.
As of May 2005, it is being hosted and maintained by Bill Bradford.

There are many mailing lists for fast-response system administration questions and answers. The mail volumes on these lists vary widely. Most are
intended only for time-critical questions, after you’ve exhausted all other resources for finding the answers. If you join any of these lists, be prepared
to answer questions as well as ask them. That’s the secret to these lists’ success.

Vendor/Topic List Name How to Subscribe Notes
Cray unicos-l ask unicos-l-request@cug.org (CUG members only)
DEC/Compaq decstation-managers send “subscribe decstation-managers” to majordomo@ornl.gov
AlphaNT send “subscribe” to AlphaNT-request@listserv.mfg.mke.ab.com Ok, it’s not Unix, but the webmistress needed this one.
HP hpux-admin send “subscribe hpux-admin” to majordomo@dutchworks.nl Mailing list info, Searchable archives, sw archive
IBM AIX-L send “subscribe aix-l your name” to listserv@pucc.princeton.edu
AIX-L Subscribe at OpenITx AIX-L archive site
Netscape Enterprise Server nes-managers-l Send “subscribe nes-managers-l your-email-address” to majordomo@lists.veritel.com.br
Network Appliance Development Community networkapps.org an informal Internet-based community of developers and staff that work to design, develop, and maintain network appliances
Legato NetWorker networker Subscribe and search the archives at listmail.temple.edu Searchable Archives
RedHat axp-list send “subscribe” to axp-list-request@redhat.com
Oracle oracle-l Send “subscribe oracle-l” to listserv@kbs.net
oracledba Send “subscribe oracledba” to majordomo@themailinglist.net
SGI info-iris ask info-iris-request@arl.mil high volume. duplicates comp.sys.sgi.* newsgroups
Sybase Sybase-l send “subscribe sybase-l” to sybase@listserv.ucsb.edu Miscellaneous Sybase lists, some traffic
inews-system11 send “subscribe inews-system11” to majordomo@sybase.com Good Sybase technical news. You can also subscribe at Sybase i.news.
Sybase/Sybperl sybperl-l send “subscribe sybperl-l” to listproc@list.cren.net to sign up. Submissions to sybperl-l@listproc.net
sybperl-announce sybperl-announce-request@peppler.org to subscribe, submissions to sybperl-announce@peppler.org Sybperl new releases and bug fixes only. Low traffic. Moderated by Michael Peppler (author/maintainer).
Sybase on Linux ase-linux-list@isug.com Subscribe at ISUG
Sun isp-solaris Subscribe at ISP-Lists.ISP-Planet.com For ISP technicians, network or system administrators to discuss using Solaris. Searchable archives, resources
sunmanagers Subscribe at www.sunmanagers.org Current archive, FAQ and List Policies (sunmanagers.org), Sun Managers Read Before Posting. Batched daily digest available. High volume but very useful.
Current searchable archives at: theaimsgroup.com, netsys.com, latech.edu, cjb.net.
solarisonintel send message to solarisonintel-subscribe@egroups.com or join at the solarisonintel web site. Searchable archives
solarisdev Subscribe at eGroups For people who are interested in playing with / developing / modifying the source code for Sun’s Solaris operating system.
Tru64 tru64-unix-managers send “subscribe tru64-unix-managers” to majordomo@ornl.gov Mailing list archive, list info and rules and Searchable Mailing List Archive
Veritas veritas-* (Veritas Products) Subscribe at mailman.eng.auburn.edu Searchable archives