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Ethernet Cabling has quick reference guides for 802.3 net technology including 10Mbps, 100Mbps Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Many FAQs, links to software, reports and papers, vendors. Provided by Charles Spurgeon.
SMC Fast Ethernet Technology support section includes 100Base-T information, integration, connectivity rules and glossary.

Network News
& Usenet:

INN code (InterNet News server) is now being maintained by the Internet Software Consortium.
Additional NNTP and INN software and documentation, especially for NNTP client software.
News readers FAQs
RN Newsreader Software
SLRN Newsreader is an free NNTP based threaded newsreader for Unix, VMS, and OS/2 systems. Runs in a terminal-type window. Supports color terminals
NN Newsreader FAQ
Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette

Network Time
Protocol (NTP):

Network Time Servers list from the U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service Department. Servers, software, explanations of network timekeeping and their cesium atomic clocks and hydrogen maser clocks. The USNO Time Services Department is the official timekeeper of the United States.
ntp.org, home of the Network Time Protocol project, is well organized, has lots of FAQs, documentation and the latest releases of NTP.
Galleon, [US site] [UK/Europe site] makers of NTP Time servers, clients, atomic clocks for direct connection to Unix time servers and OEM receiver modules. They also offer a Linux Time Server.
EndRun Technologies provide Stratum 1 NTP servers. They have models synchronizing to GPS as well as CDMA.
Meinberg Radio Clocks develops and manufactures time and frequency products as NTP time servers, radio clocks synchronized by DCF77 or GPS, slotcards, standalone systems and customer specific solutions for time synchronization. English and German pages.
Symmetricom/TrueTime, Inc., makers of precision time and frequency synchronization servers and boards.
TimeTools provides atomic clocks, Stratum 1 NTP servers and NTP clients for computer and network time synchronization.

PC & Mac
NFS, AppleShare,
Unix Integration:

Free or Public Domain Software:
Samba, discussed in another section of this site.
AppleTalk Packages from the University of Melbourne includes CAP, a freeware AppleTalk server software for UNIX, AppleTalk Router, Remote AppleTalk Access, AppleTalk Utilities, AppleTalk adevs.
Netatalk is a freeware Appletalk fileserver for Unix.

Commercial Software:
Chameleon NFS is a commercial NFS client for PC and Macs.
DAVE Commercial product. CIFS (SMB) for Macs.
Helios provides commercial products EtherShare (AppleTalk Server for Unix), PCShare (server for Dos/Windows) and more. Free demo download.
LabF, makers of Windows software X server, SSH client, NFS server and client, FTP client. Reasonably priced software from the independent software house located in Tampere, Finland.
Labtam Inc. provides reasonably-priced Windows software including X-server for Windows (with encryption capability), NFS client and server, SSH client, FTP client and server.
PathWay server NFS for NT 3.51/4.0, runs on Intel and Alpha. They also make client NFS for Win95, NT, OpenVMS. Commercial product from Attachmate.
Sharity from Objective Development is a commercial, low-priced client that lets Unix machines mount PC directories via the Microsoft CIFS/SMB protocol. Allows Unix to mount directories exported by WinNT, Win95, samba and others as if they were NFS exported. Runs on most Unix versions.
tcpCONNECT4 Commercial product. Mac and Windows NFS client, LPR. Easy setup. Uses NIS for authentication.
TotalNET from Syntax allows a Unix computer to share files, printers, and applications among DOS/Windows, OS/2, Network, and Macintosh. Limited-license version is bundled with Solaris 2.6.
uSHARE is a commercial AppleShare file server product for Unix from Information Presentation Technologies, Inc. (You have to dig to find the info on their web page.)
XLink Technology’s Omni-NFS commercial products include an NFS-SMB Gateway for Windows NT, NFS client and server products for Windows. The company also sells Omni-X windows packages for Microsoft machines, terminal emulators, and more.