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This content was originally created, collected, and maintained by Stokely Consulting.
As of May 2005, it is being hosted and maintained by Bill Bradford.

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AIX: AIX Documentation is an online library from IBM, containing all the AIX docs.
IBM eserver pSeries and RS/6000 Support provides free technical support and resources for Unix servers. Search technical databases, publications, downloads, patches and fixes.
comp.unix.aix FAQ
rootvg.net is an AIX portal with news, want ads, RS/6000 and AIX documentation and support, newsgroups, news, software, humor and more.

& Scheduling:

Freely available products:
The Condor Project, from the University of Wisconsin.
Distributed Queueing System also known as DQS. From the Supercomputer Computations Research
Institute at Florida State University.
NetSolve is a joint effort of the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
NQS from the University of Sheffield.
Portable Batch System
(PBS) from NASA.
QBATCH from the USENET sources archives.

Commercial products:
Autosys from Platinum Technology.
Cronacle job scheduler and process automation for Unix, Windows NT/2000 and VMS, from Redwood Software.
Dollar Universe cross-platform job scheduler from Orsyp.
LoadLeveler from IBM.
LSF (Load Sharing Facility) from Platform Computing Corporation
QMASTER from QMASTER Software Solutions, Inc.
Tivoli Workload Scheduler, formerly called Maestro from Unison, now a part of Tivoli Systems, now a part of IBM.
UC4 for job scheduling and event automation, from SBB Software GmbH.

More Information:
The Queueing and Scheduling Page compiled by Andrew McNab.
Batch Queueing Systems compiled by Scott Presnell.

CD-R &

Information and FAQs:
CD-R FAQ covers everything you ever wanted to know about CD-Recordable technology. Maintained by Andy McFadden.

Free Premastering Utilities:
mkhybrid is a premastering utility that creates ISO9660, Rockridge, Joliet (Win95 long file names),
and HFS hybrid CDROM images.

mkisofs, a premastering tool for mastering iso9660 and ISO+Rockridge extensions (Unix long file names) cdroms.

CD Recording Products:
CDCreation from K-PAR, runs on at least Solaris, IRIX, and NT.
Cdrecord/cdrtools is free software which will write CDs on a CD-Recorder. Runs on many Unix versions. Includes SCSI general device driver, tools to make bootable CDs for Sparcs. Many devices supported. Written by Jorg Schilling. Great cdrecord how-to, Using CD-R or CD-RW drives on Solaris. There is also a cdrecord for SCO OSR5 and UnixWare available from SCO Skunkware.
GEAR software from Gear Software Inc.
HyCD Publisher from HyCD, Inc./Creative
Digital Research.
iXOS Jukeman from Smart Storage.
Plextor makes CD-ROM drives, CD-R,
CD-RW, CD duplications systems, and the software to go with them.
Young Minds makes many CD-R products,
including CD Studio, a Unix CD-Recordable Software/hardware product with a dedicated controller.

Coffee: Peet’s Coffee & Tea in the San Francisco Bay area is Stokely Consulting’s favorite coffee roaster.
Coffee and Caffeine FAQ, one of the preferred fuels of sysadms.

DEC: Digital Unix home page contains FAQs, newsgroups, migration info, support.
Digital Unix Reference pages (webman)
Digital Electronic Services
(also known as Compaq Support) for patches, mailing lists, support, and more.

Ultrix and DEC OSF/1 AXP FAQ
DEC general FAQ
Ultrix Disktabs
Ultrix Printcaps

DHCP FAQ This is what you need to know about the Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol, in which DHCP servers assign clients an IP address as needed. Compiled by John Wobus of Syracuse University and now maintained by
Ralph Droms and Ted Lemon. Droms and Lemon are the authors of the DHCP RFCs and the ISC DHCP server. They’ve written
The DHCP Handbook and have great DHCP resources on their site.
bootp-DH2.x (look for it in the directory and pick your version) is a free, patched CMU BOOTP-DD2.4.x server from Doug Hughes of auburn.edu. Supports DHCP, even for Win95 clients. Adds the patches from the Samba mailing list to support PCNFS and Win95 simultaneously. For SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x, Linux and NetBSD servers (at least).
dhcp.org is the site for the IETF DHC working group as well as users and implementors of DHCP.
ISC (Internet Software Consortium) DHCP Server, Client and relay agent freely redistributable
tools. Source builds on most Unix platforms.
Sauron is a free (GPL) scalable system for management of DNS & DHCP services. Runs on all Unix versions, written
in Perl, uses PostgreSQL, Apache, ISC BIND/DHCP. Dynamically generates complete DNS & DHCP configurations from a central SQL database.
Automatic generation of DNS reverse zones, with support for smaller than C-class reverse delegations. Web browser and command line interfaces.
Created at the University of Jyväskylä Computing Center in Finland.
JOIN DHCP/DDNS from Join Systems, Inc. are integrated DHCP and DDNS servers for DHCP and BootP clients. They run on SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x SPARC and x86, Digital UNIX, HP-UX 10.x. Motif GUI. Evaluation copies available online.
Princeton Patches to CMU dhcpd 3.3.7+PU works well on at least NetBSD and Solaris. Provides
DHCP, bootp, tftp, true dynamic IP addresses, fairly nice reporting tool. Free software. Highly recommended by one of our readers.
Setting up a Solaris DHCP Client and Setting up NAT on Solaris using IP Filter are very useful when connecting your Solaris system up to a Cable Modem. Written by Rich Teer.
Solaris DHCP and PXE boot is a quick cookbook approach to setting up a basic Solaris DHCP/PXE server,
allowing Solaris clients to boot directly from the network.

FTP Servers

& Clients:

Kermit FTP Client (soon to be included in C-Kermit 7.1 for Unix) offers fully scriptable FTP
sessions, passive mode, command-line control, logging, security options and more.
FileRunner is an X11 file manager with built-in FTP support. Implemented in Tcl/Tk and C.
Runs on many Unix versions. Distributed under the GPL by Henrik Harmsen.
gFTP is a free (GNU Public License) multithreaded ftp client for Unix machines running X11R6 or later.
Supports queues, bookmarks, drag-and-drop, and more. Tarballs and RPMS available. Good documentation, mailing lists. By Brian Masney.
NcFTPd and (free) NcFTP Client – The server is a very low-priced,
high-performance package with many security features and support for virtual hosts. Free client is scriptable and can resume stopped downloads. Runs at
least on Linux, BSDi, FreeBSD, Solaris/SunOS, AIX, HP-UX and IRIX.
ProFTPD is a free FTP daemon for Unix and Unix-like systems. Easily configurable, fast, secure, lightweight.
PureFTPd is a free, GPL, secure, production-quality FTP server based upon Troll-FTPd. Runs on Linux,
OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Tru64, Darwin, Irix and HPUX. Multiple languages supported.
vsftpd is a free, GPL licensed FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux. It is secure and extremely fast.
wu-ftpd official sources and the wu-ftpd FAQ. Beware the security holes with this package. Make sure you
run the latest version.
XDIR from LLNL, is a graphical FTP client for Unix. Written in C, uses OSF/Motif. Highly portable
and freely available.


FrameUsers.com is a large and comprehensive FrameMaker reference site. Newsletters, books, events,
classifieds, consultants, updates & patches, templates, utilities.
Adobe Systems, Inc. Framemaker site

Free Unix

FreeBSD Forums contains FreeBSD Unix discussions, message boards, forums and news.
The Kame Project is a joint effort by Japanese companies to create a free IPv6/IPsec protocol stack for
BSD variants. They’re targeting FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and BSDI.
Linux (Information on this site)


Search the HPUX-sysadm mailing list. An excellent search engine from Nexial Systems with
entries from 1995 to the present.
comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ at Ohio State. There is also a
searchable HP-UX FAQ at the wonderful HP-UX Software Porting and Archive Centre in Utah.
docs.hp.com is a great place to browse and search the documentation, whitepapers and other technical information on
HP’s hardware and software, including HP-UX.
HP IT Resource Center is filled with information for HP-UX Linux, OpenView, MPE/iX and other
patches, technical knowledge database, licensing, and training.
HP-UX System Administration mailing list: To subscribe, send “subscribe hpux-admin” to majordomo@dutchworks.nl. More info on the
mailing list at our Unix System Administration Mailing Lists.
HP-UX / Solaris Quick Reference Guide contains commands and actions commonly used by system administrators, grouped into related activities. Shows the commands for the same actions in HP-UX 10.x/11.x and Solaris 8.
Interex, The International Association of Hewlett-Packard Computing Professionals has a worldwide membership of
more than 18,000.
Merijn’s HP-UX software for ITRC members provides a lot of pre-compiled freeware for HP-UX.
searchHP.com is filled with news, vendors, technical information, chat, training, auctions, jobs and more.

Anonymous FTP Sites for HP-UX software:

tusc traces the system calls that a process invokes and the signals it
receives. It displays arguments in a symbolic way, shows the first bytes of read and write buffers and shows signal information when
available. Tusc can attach to live processes.
HP-UX Software Porting & Archive Centre contains pointers to public domain software
ported to HP-UX, sorted by category. Some non-US mirrors (there are many): official German HP-UX archive
, official French HP-UX archive site, official Netherlands HP-UX archive

For even more anonymous FTP sites for HP-UX, see the comp.sys.hp.hpux FAQ


Linux.com, the Enterprise Linux Resource. Great site full of Linux news, HOWTOs, documentation, forums, articles and polls.
Linux Information from Linux.org. This is an excellent site containing FAQs, howtos, UseNet News info, Linux
Documentation Project and man pages, and FTP sites.
The Linux Documentation Project lets you browse the Linux HOWTO Index and learn how to write and submit a Linux HOWTO.
LinuxLinks.com is a great portal full of Linux information, books, companies, distributions, events, security,
software and more.
Autofs ftp site for Linux has what you need to replace Linux’ amd (an automounter).
Everything Linux is a portal of Linux HOW-TOs, discussions, tools, reviews and more.
Consistent BackSpace and Delete Configuration nicely describes how to tell Unix/Linux to make your backspace key erase to the left and the delete key erase under the cursor.
Fedorazine is a community-based site of news and tips for Fedora Core users.
How to configure Linux as NIS(YP) or NIS+ client or NIS server
UltraLinux – Linux on SPARC
NIS tools for Linux ftp site contains (at least) ypbind, yp-tools, ypserv, ypmake, yppasswd.
The Rampantly Unofficial Linus Torvalds FAQ includes an
audio clip of Torvalds pronouncing "Linux".


Majordomo FAQ
Majordomo home at Great Circle Associates