UNIX Sysadmin Resources – Cables

This content was originally created, collected, and maintained by Stokely Consulting.
As of May 2005, it is being hosted and maintained by Bill Bradford.


SunStore, Sun’s online store, has all the Sun cables at reasonable prices, with overnight delivery.
ABCCables.com offers free shipping on orders over $25. Low-cost computer, network, telephone, usb, dvi, firewire and many other cables and cable supplies. Lifetime warranty on all cables.
Black Box is a great place for good, unusual cables and switchboxes.
Cables N Mor carries a wide range of computer cables.
Cables To Go has a huge number of cables, including Sun serial splitter cables. Good Cable Configurator and Connector Guide with excellent pictures. Our readers are impressed with the company’s tech support.
CableWholesale.com offers a large selection of computer cables, network cables and hubs, switch boxes, USB products, technical articles, connector diagrams, glossary and more.
Computer Cable Store is a discount manufacturer and distributor of computer cables, audio/video cables, networking cables and all other connectivity solutions.
CS Electronics’ Cyber Connection offers an impressive array of shielded SCSI cables, terminators and internal drive enclosure cables for Sun, HP, IBM, DEC, and SGI.
Cyberguys! is a low-cost online computer supply and accessory store. Cables, clothing and snacks, too.
Graybar carries many types of cables and other products that come in handy in the data center.
Jameco Electronics sells a large array of integrated circuits, components, computer products, and test and measurement equipment.
KVMs.com resells many brands of KVMs, cables, adapters, serial switches, and more.
Pacific Custom Cables carries a large variety of cables, cabling supplies, networking equipment, and KVM switchboxes. Good item pictures.
PCCables.com has a good online catalog, and several Sun cables. Good cable and connector pictures. They have some very handy, inexpensive RJ45-DB9/DB25 adapters. These are often used for serial devices and have all wires ready to be pushed into the appropriate spot on the DB9/DB25 connector.
Triangle Cables has a wide range of products, and accepts PayPal.
Ultra Spec Cables, Inc. Good source for hard-to-find Sun, SGI, HP, and IBM cables. They seem to have resolved their customer service problems. Still, caveat emptor.
WorkstationCables.com carries many cables for Suns and other workstations. Nice online cable configurator and connector guide.

Hardware/Software Support Providers for Unix Systems

These 3rd-party Unix system hardware and software support providers were recommended to us.

3PHW.com – Third Party Hardware lists all the known service providers for Sun, DEC, Dell, HP, IBM, and SGI equipment.
Akibia (formerly Polaris) system and server support, system and database Administration, technical training
Honeywell 800-525-7439, On-site/Depot Hardware service (Where on their web site is their support offering?)
Maintech 800-426-8324, On-site/Depot Hardware service
Pinnacle Data Systems (PDSi) 800-882-8282, Depot service
Quest International Inc. 800-231-6777, On-site/Depot/help desk Hardware and software service, sales for NT and Unix (RS6000, Sun, HP9000, SGI and clones). ISO 9002 certified

VARs & Resellers of Unix Products

Several good places to buy all sorts of Unix hardware, software, and accessories.

Eakins Open Systems is a great VAR for Unix products, hardware, and software. We’ve had truly superior service from these folks for many years.
Integrated Archive Systems truly understands RAID, disks and tape, memory, backup software, HSM/High Availability, and CD. They were Stokely Consulting’s disk and tape vendor of choice long before they were our client!
Sparc Product Directory.com is filled with Sparc VARS and OEMs for new and used equipment.
SunStore, Sun’s online store, has all the Sun cables at reasonable prices, along with all Sun’s other products, with overnight delivery.
Ace Computers is a full service reseller of Digital, Compaq, IBM RS/6000, Sun Microsystems, HP, Cisco and peripherals. Located in Las Vegas, NV.
Ajava Systems, is a reseller of Sun Microsystems servers, workstations, parts and peripherals. Located in Anaheim, California.
Alta Technologies Inc. is a reseller of Sun Microsystems and HP900 solutions. They deal with every aspect of upgrade configurations for midrange systems.
Andover Consulting Group liquidates data centers and excess corporate equipment. Find everything from servers to routers to racks.
Brass Valley provides IBM, HP, Compaq, DEC, Sun, Dell, Brocade, Cisco, STK, BMC, Commvault and more. They sell wholesale, buyback, rent, lease and provide full maintenance contracts.
Focus Technology specializes in buying and selling used computer hardware, including IBM RS6000, AS400, xSeries, Netfinity, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Compaq, Dell and HP.
Marathon International in Mountain View CA, sells custom Sun systems, peripherals, software, and networking products.
MCA Computer Corporation is a Sun Microsystems reseller, founded by Sun employees, specializing in Sun original new & used workstations, SGI, servers, storage systems & spare parts.
NEXL provides enterprise computing and storage services, network, security and managed services, and a tech lab with a cool “SANbox” for proof-of-concept testing and benchmarking. SunTone certified.
PWI Technologies offers end-to-end solutions in data management, web services, information security, enterprise management, data center and services. Located in the US Pacific Northwest.
Recurrent Technologies, Inc. is a Silicon Valley reseller of refurbished Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems products.
Redapt Systems is a Sun Microsystems, IBM, Veritas,Oracle, and Cisco Certified reseller providing new and used equipment. They rent, lease, buyback, & provide maintenance contracts.
SOLUTIONSsite is a Sun authorized site for third-party hardware, software and services supporting the Sun technology environment. Extensive catalog.
StarTech.com specializes in being the source for hard-to-find computer parts.
Sun Disk Supply Center is a Sun Microsystems reseller of new & used original disk drives & storage, specializing in all Sun internal disks sales & repair.
TriniComp Systems provides new, used, unused and refurbished computers and IT products of all platforms, including Sun, HP and IBM. They can give current valuations on most Unix products.
Western Scientific, Inc. sells data storage, workstations, and networking products for UNIX and NT.