UNIX Sysadmin Resources – Books, Magazines, and Organizations

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World-wide organizations:

SAGE, the System Administrator’s Guild and the USENIX Association. If you’re a System Administrator, you should join SAGE!
USENIX and LISA Proceedings from the USENIX and SAGE conferences are available to everyone.
SANS is the home of the excellent System Administration, Networking, and Security Conference. They’ll teach you about new security tools and issues. Don’t miss the Roadmap to Security publication to help tighten the security at your site.
NLUUG – Unix User Group – The Netherlands

Unix Portals & Technical Bookstores

Portals | Technical Bookstores


Computerworld is a must-read (in hardcopy and online) for us every week to stay on top of what’s happening. They have a good Unix Research area.
StickyMinds – brain food for building better software. Excellent, thought-provoking articles on testing, requirements, project management, measurement, review, process, defect tracking and configuration management. Review and lists of books and tools. Lots of free content, but some for-pay content, too. It’s the online companion to STQE, the Software Testing and Quality Engineering print magazine.
Sun Guru for Sun Sysadms, programmers and developers contains a bulletin board, classifieds, FAQs, job links, library, software, and a fun sysadm test.
Sys Admin Magazine, full of how-tos and been-theres by real sysadms.
Unix Guru Universe A great, searchable set of resources for Unix Sysadms. Categories are System Administration, Networking, Security, Software, HelpMe, Conference, Vendors, Careers, Usenet Newsgroups, and Internet. This site has an incredibly comprehensive list!
Linux.OReilly.com links to all the superb O’Reilly Unix/Linux books, news and articles.
informIT.com is an online community for IT pros. Lots of reference info, books, shareware, jobs, news, and more.
ITtoolbox Unix offers forums for technical discussion, an integrated directory, white papers and daily news geared towards Unix professionals and users of Unix products. The portal also provides content, community, job postings and much more.
Linux Journal
RootPrompt.org “Nothing but Unix”. News and Information for Unix sysadms.
Sys Admin Talk is a forum where system administrators can discuss anything and everything about system administration.
Slashdot News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters. Unix-oriented, delightfully irreverant. Reviews, stories, columns, news.
Tradepub.com is a great place to sign up for free subscriptions to technical and business magazines.
UNIX Review

Technical Bookstores:

Amazon.com has a very good selection, lots of project management titles.
O’Reilly and Associates, publishers of the excellent "Nutshell" series, lets you order direct from them.
BookFinder.com is a shopping search engine that scans bookseller databases to find new, used, rare, and out of print books.
Bookpool is an online technical bookstore with high discounts and low prices. Good selection.