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Information, public-domain, shareware, free products | Commercial products

Information, public-domain, shareware, free products:

Storage Mountain, previously called Backup Central, from Curtis Preston, is loaded with tools, information, articles, links, tips, books, SAN and NAS, commercial backup software resources, disaster recovery, high availibility, storage integrators and disk array vendors. Tools include hot backup scripts for databases, one-step Unix backup script. Don’t miss his O’Reilly books “Unix Backup & Recovery” and “Using SANs and NAS”.
Publications from Storage Designs includes a Large System Backup Tool for backing up TBs of data to multiple devices, articles about backup, SAN, Fibre Channel and more. From Storage Designs, founded by Curtis Preston.
Amanda is a free backup system designed to archive many computers on a network to a large-capacity tape drive. Amanda has many features and is widely used.
Bacula is a network client/server based backup program. Bacula is relatively easy to use and efficient, writes to multiple volumes, has many advanced storage management features that make it easy to find and recover lost or damaged files. Runs on Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, with clients also on Windows, Irix and Mac OS X. GPL software.
The NDMP Initiative (Network Data Management Protocol) Task Force. NDMP is an open protocol for network based backup. The protocol allows backup and network file server vendors to focus on functionality instead of porting to new operating systems. Site is loaded with information, FAQ, list of vendors who support NDMP, software for Network Appliance users.
Mondo is a free CD- or tape-based disaster-recovery suite for Linux and Windows. Supports LVM, RAID, almost any type of filesystem, bare metal restore. Reported to be extremely stable. Provided under GPL.
storebackup performs backups to another disk. It includes tools for analyzing backup data and restoring, keeps an MD5 database of every backup and can link duplicate files. A SourceForge project.

Commercial products:

Adstar ADSM from IBM for UNIX, MVS, and NT networks
Arkeia for heterogeneous networks, has a Java interface, tape library management, built for speed. From Knox Software Corp.
Netbackup from Veritas
BackupEDGE from Microlite runs on SCO (OpenServer, Unix, Xenix, UnixWare), AIX, DEC Alpha, Sun, and HP.
Backup Express from SyncSort.
Backup Professional and CTAR from Unitrends
Backup.Unet & Oasis NetBackup from MTI (Backup.Unet is for UNIX, and Oasis NetBackup is for OpenVMS)
BakBone Software NetVault for Unix, Linux, Windows, Novell, many SAN/NAS devices.
Cheyenne ARCserve/Open for Unix. Cheyenne is now a Computer Associates company.
everStor, makers of: Replicator file replication and archiving tool for Linux/Solaris which replicates from Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, and Mac machines; jb driver, a robotic driver that enables tape libraries and optical jukeboxes on Linux and Solaris machines; Hiarc HSM program for Solaris.
HIBACK from HiComp America, Inc.
Legato, home of Networker and BudTool
LoneTar from Cactus Software
LXItms/ix Tape Management, Open Media Manager and Tape Tracker Backup and Tape Management System for UNIX and heterogenous networks
Power Sync from Linkpro Technologies (disk synchronization and mirror utility)
SafetyNet Systemix Software, Inc (for NEXTStep).
Storix Backup Administrator is exclusively designed for AIX and Linux systems. It provides the various level of backups and restore from single directories to disaster recovery of entire systems. Intuitive graphical user interface, complete and flexible system recovery tools. Free evaluation download.
TapeWare from Yosemite Technologies, is a full-featured backup product for Linux, Netware, Unix and Windows. Oracle agent available. Wizard-driven X GUI, great scheduler. Data interleaving, load balancing, remote management. Role and job-based security, supported languages include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. Recommended by several of our readers. Reasonably priced, 30 day free trial download.
TiBS – True incremental Backup System from Teradactyl, LLC, reuses data already on a backup server to generate new tape volumes with minimal impact on clients and the networki. Supports the Andrew File System (AFS), UNIX and Windows platforms in medium to large distributed computing environments. Free evaluation copy.
Time Navigator from Atempo, for NT and Unix. Supports SANS, NAS and IP storage.
Unisol Bart is an unattended network backup package from UniSolutions.